About Recovery Syndicate

Our Mission is to create a culture of hope and optimism by connecting people to real solutions and lasting recovery. We are driven by our vision of offering people an environment in which they can recover spiritually, physically, emotionally, and find the inspiration to boldly embrace change.

Our Values

Underscore All That We Do


We dream big and believe it’s possible


We know and do what is right. What is right is not the same as what is easy.


We treat others how THEY want to be treated


We seek spiritual and emotional balance in our lives.

Accountability / Own it

We hold ourselves accountable. We will do the right thing, even when no one is looking.


We archive success by enabling the success of others. We use these skills and knowledge to improve the world.

Give Joy

We enjoy the journey, are grateful for our life, we make people feel good.

Engage Fearlessly

We take bold steps to produce results that make us proud. Engage fearlessly.

Flexibility / Open-Minded

We welcome new ideas and opinions; especially if they challenge our beliefs. We actively listen with humility and respect.

Synergy / Thrive Together

We show up as real, vulnerable, transparent, people who speak from our heart, value others’ contributions, and invest in each other’s growth.

Embrace Change

We know that if we are not continuously changing, improving, evolving, we are falling behind.


We pause to ensure that we are finding peace and joy on our journey which is invaluable to sustainable and lasting success.


We offer an environment of continuous development where you can do and become your best.