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Recovery Syndicate is an Arizona rehab that offers comprehensive, outpatient treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, dual diagnosis treatment, and mental health rehabilitation. Located in the heart of Chandler, our clinic has a dedicated team of experts who provide round-the-clock services to those looking to get sober and improve their lives.

The Reasons We are the Best Chandler Rehab

Recovery Syndicate provides a tailored approach to recovery that helps clients address the underlying issues of their addiction while also providing them with the tools they need to stay sober. Our rehabilitation programs are affordable, flexible, and designed around each individual’s needs. We offer outpatient programs where clients can learn new coping mechanisms in the safety of a supportive environment.

Additionally, our clinicians provide detailed assessments so that each client receives personalized treatment plans that best fit their needs. We offer more than just detoxification; we focus on long-term transformation by providing levels of care as well as aftercare options. At Recovery Syndicate, we take every patient through an entire recovery journey, from detoxification to therapy sessions to relapse prevention programming.

You’re In Good Hands

We understand how overwhelming it can be to seek help for addiction or mental health issues and strive to make sure that everyone feels welcome when they come into our facility. Our team of counselors, psychiatrists, and case managers work hard to ensure all patients receive high-quality care so they can achieve complete sobriety and lead a life free from drugs and alcohol.

Throughout our treatment program, we help clients identify any underlying causes that could be contributing to their addiction. Our staff also works with individuals to ensure they have all the necessary coping strategies to prevent relapse and stay on the path to recovery. We incorporate holistic approaches like nutrition and hydration plans, mindfulness activities, yoga classes, and more. Additionally, our team of medical professionals provides medications if needed for mental health disorders such as depression or anxiety. We also provide other services aimed at helping patients recover from trauma, relationship issues, or grief.

Get Help For Addiction Today

We understand that recovery can be a difficult road, and it is our goal to make it as easy as possible by providing support throughout the entire process. We offer personalized care plans and encourage family involvement in order to ensure the best outcome for our patients. Additionally, we offer an aftercare program that includes weekly check-ins with counselors and connects individuals with resources they may need once they leave our facility.

In Closing

-Recovery Syndicate offers outpatient treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, dual diagnosis treatment, and mental health rehab at an affordable price in Chandler AZ

-Our Chandler rehab e,ploys experienced staff members who provide personalized attention and tailor our rehabilitation program according to your individual needs

-Outpatient programs focus on learning new coping mechanisms in a supportive environment

-We have levels of care available with aftercare options for complete transformation

-High-quality care is provided by experienced counselors, psychiatrists, and case managers for successful sobriety

At Recovery Syndicate, we believe everyone deserves access to professional services that can help them recover from addiction or mental illness. That’s why we strive to provide compassionate care while helping you develop new skills needed to become healthy again. If you or someone you know is battling substance abuse or struggling with mental health issues then don’t hesitate to contact us today – there is always hope!

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