The Team


Dr. Michael Carlton, Medical Director


Staying at the forefront of addiction treatment demands a higher quality of care”, a quote you will find Dr. Carlton continues to practice and live by for more than 30 years. As one of the world's most recognized addictionologists, Dr. Carlton was asked recently how many lives he saved, his answer “not enough”. Being awarded the prestigious “Top Doc” by his peers and numerous recognitions, he continues to ignore the spotlight devoting himself to his effective methods “search and destroy “ of treating substance disorders. Having accepted positions as Medical Director from St. Lukes, Community Bridges, Aurora and others he continues to adhere to his Oath by making a difference in the lives of his patients.

Dr. Liz Kim

NMD, Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Kim has completed her undergraduate work at the University of California, Riverside 2004, with a degree in Biochemistry and her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine in 2008 at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ. Her main drive for deciding to enter the Naturopathic profession was to answer her lifelong calling of being a champion of the health for all that cross her path at all levels of self: mind, body and spirit. With a profound reverence for nature’s wisdom when it comes to optimal health, Dr Kim helps patients heal with a balance of conventional as well as non-invasive, naturopathic modalities including, but not limited to: Homeopathy, nutrition (IV and Oral), herbal medicine, naturopathic manipulation therapy, environmental medicine and nature cure. She is honored to serve as a professor at various institutions of higher learning for healthcare professionals and has been in service of the recovering community through direct patient care and medical directorship for over 12 years. Her impact in the healthcare field is now strengthened from her own transformative healing journey from Cancer. In her free time, she loves to practice yoga, meditation, and enjoys indoor cycling and hiking with her husband and their furbaby, Andre.

Dr. Jennifer Mathis, Chief Clinical Officer



Brad Wagner, Clinical Director


Clean & Sober Since: 07/26/1997
Brad has over 24 years of experience working in the addiction field as a therapist. Brad is well-versed in Motivational Interviewing and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Brad is also educated in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Brad is known for meeting the client where they are at in terms of the stages of change model and building rapport with his clients. Brad currently has a Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor, LISAC credential per the Board of Behavioral Health Examiners. Brad has a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling from Grand Canyon University. Brad has over 24 years of sobriety. Brad is very passionate about helping others and connecting with his clients and helping them look within themselves to discover their own identity.

Stephanie Wiggins


Clean & Sober Since: 2/25/2018

Jenn Z, Group Facilitator and Spiritual Counseling


Clean & Sober Since: 06/26/2010
With over 7 years of experience in the recovery industry, Jenn focuses on client counseling, helping people grow and develop their spiritual lives. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Bowling Green State University and her Master’s of Divinity from Methodist Theological School of Ohio, and has additional training and certifications in Bereavement Counseling, Meditation Instruction, and Incident Stress Management.

Dane Brand, Primary Therapist



Andrea Piccirillo, Primary Therapist



Tony Lanata, Behavioral Health Tech

Clean & Sober Since: 11/22/2012
Tony has worked in the recovery field since 2014 and brings humility, curiosity, and compassion to his role at Recovery Syndicate. His personal experience with substance abuse drives his desire to help others find a solution.

Julie Gray, Behavior Health Technician

Clean & Sober Since: 10/02/2020

Javier Morales, Behavior Health Technician


Brittany Satmary, Behavior Health Technician

Clean & Sober Since: 10/07/2018

Coach Carl, Physical Fitness Instructor

As a former coach in the National Football League for 11 years, as well as an extensive tenure of 18 years as an assistant coach at the major college level, Carl Hargrave coached three seasons with the Arizona Cardinals as an Offensive Consultant in 2004. In 2005, Hargraves contributions helped the Cardinals' finish the season with the 8th ranked overall offense in the NFL, and the #1 passing offense (4,437 yards/277.3 yards per game) for the first time in team history. Currently vetted in the Recovery Community, Carl is Owner/Coach of "Fit Four Recovery" addressing the fitness component at various Recovery Centers nation wide, where his passion for coaching has evolved from the playing field to the field of life. "I love the energy and the excitement in helping a person who has lost all hope to find a new life in sobriety." Carl is an intricate part of the men and women whose lives are mired in the pains of addiction, encompassing all levels and ages.

Jacob Daffner, Yoga Instructor

Jacob Daffner provides yoga and meditation services specifically geared to those in varying stages of the addiction recovery process. Jacob is in recovery himself and has a deep understanding of the recovery process. He incorporates this experience and knowledge into the yoga and meditation classes he teaches. He is certified in yoga and meditation and has undergone specific and intensive training to provide the best possible experience for people in the early stages of the recovery process detox, inpatient, and outpatient treatment. While yoga helps with the body, meditation helps with the mind. Creating clarity and serenity before patients make what are bound to be life changing decisions. Also, leaving them with tools to use on their own when they are done with the treatment program.

Robert Fox III, CEO

Clean & Sober Since: 01/31/2001
Robert Fox serves as Recovery Syndicate’s CEO, responsible for bringing vision and leadership to the program. He has over 5 years of experience as Program and Operations Director for a sober living home program in the Chandler area and excels at problem-solving, community outreach, and advocating for quality treatment for all patients. After many years of experience in the field, he saw the need for quality treatment and aftercare for people leaving residential treatment and is passionate about bringing robust support systems to those working towards long-term recovery.

Christine Fox, Administrator and Client Advocate

Clean & Sober Since: 01/04/2009
Christine Fox serves as Recovery Syndicate’s Administrator and Client Advocate. She earned her Associate of Science and Social Services degrees and is passionate about carrying a message of hope to those suffering from substance use disorder. She brings compassion, personal knowledge, and clinical experience to the team and finds joy in helping people to grow in mind, body, and spirit and live a productive, rich, sober life. Chemical Dependency, AAS Social Services

Lucinda Anderson, Business Development Director

Lucinda recently joined the Recovery Syndicate Team to boost Business Development, grow and maintain strong relationships within the community, and develop brand awareness. After her previous experience in a hospital setting, she was inspired to enter the treatment space after watching friends and family struggle with substance abuse and mental health. She brings patience, positivity, and a passion for helping others to her role.

William Lansing Teetzel, Community Outreach/Liaison

Clean & Sober Since: 04/05/2018
William serves as the Community Outreach Liaison and is committed to helping those still suffering from active addiction to find a way out and a bright future. He brings his coordination, communication, and logistics skills to Recovery Syndicate’s marketing and community outreach efforts, and is honored to help connect people with real solutions.