Transformative Treatment Success At Recovery Syndicate

Recovery Syndicate boasts a low relapse rate of 9.2%, beating the national target of 20%. Their average length of stay is over 125 days, exceeding the national average of 30-45 days. They also exceeded the target mark for transitioning clients into lower levels of care with a 30% transition rate. In 2021, there were 35 million Americans with substance use disorders and 107,622 drug overdose deaths in the US.

Clients of Recovery Syndicate have better chances of long-term recovery, as they get better, stay longer, and are less likely to relapse. We are committed to connecting people with a comprehensive approach to treatment with licensed behavioral health professionals, experienced support staff, and robust case management services.

Comprehensive Treatment Continuum

At Recovery Syndicate, we offer a variety of treatment options tailored to meet people wherever they are. Our multi-disciplinary team creates bespoke treatment plans based on individual needs, including a holistic range of therapeutic modalities. Treatment typically ranges between 30-90 days, depending on the severity of the addiction and the individual’s confidence in their ability to transition back into everyday life.

Navigating the path to recovery involves a comprehensive continuum of care, a structured approach that fosters sustained well-being. Each step in this continuum plays a pivotal role in the long-term recovery process, offering a seamless transition towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Considering Treatment?

Determining the impact of your substance use is crucial, and our concise self-tests on various pages can guide you through essential questions. Take a moment for self-reflection by exploring these tailored quizzes, designed to help you gauge your situation and lead you back to our comprehensive self-help quiz page for further support.

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Therapeutic Modalities

Recovery Syndicate meticulously crafts personalized treatment plans, seamlessly incorporating evidence-based therapies. This comprehensive approach guides individuals on a transformative journey toward lasting recovery, addressing both mental and physical well-being.

Embracing Holistic Wellness

A holistic approach to healing considers the unity of mind, body, and spirit. By embracing diverse therapeutic practices, it offers a comprehensive and personalized journey. This integrated method not only addresses immediate challenges but also promotes long-term well-being, fostering mental resilience and emotional balance. Healing becomes a transformative process, extending beyond symptom relief to cultivate a balanced and fulfilling life.
Holistic Modalities
We provide a personalized and holistic approach to treating substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, and mental health issues. Our trauma-informed care, advanced modalities, and therapeutic group sessions are all delivered on-site by providers who address all areas of concern. We also offer case management, 24/7 support, family support, and alumni programs for comprehensive care. With outstanding outcomes and low recidivism rates, we promote long-term success in recovery. Join our culture of hope and optimism at the Recovery Syndicate and unlock limitless possibilities.

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