Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Embracing the Present, Committing to Growth

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is part of the third generation of cognitive behavioral therapy. From a client’s perspective, ACT therapeutic process is two-fold: accepting one’s experience and situation, while committing to value-informed living. ACT does not focus on changing one’s thought processes, but rather looks to encourage the client to accept that which is present, including thoughts and feelings, while committing to value-informed living.

How Does ACT Work?

ACT works by helping the client to fully experience the moment and not having to avoid reality or challenge or change their irrational thought process. The client is able through cognitive fusion to be able to watch their thoughts with an attitude of curiosity. The client repeats the thought out loud until it becomes just a sound devoid of meaning. A word is viewed as just a word, not a meaning.

The Six Steps

The six steps employed in ACT include, acceptance, defusion, being present, perspective-taking sense of self, value-based living, and committed actions. We work to help the client to be present in the moment and working towards value-based living. ACT helps the client to engage in behaviors which will help support their personal growth and healing. Helping the clients to perceive willingness as a choice, not a desire. Willingness is looked at as an alternative to experiential control.

Considering Treatment?

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Therapeutic Modalities

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